Gastronomy in Burgundy

Gastronomy fairs in Burgundy

Conviviality and gastronomy are often connected, and particulary in Burgundy. In this Gastronomic land is celebrated during the whole year the such reputated cuisine of France. In August, at Saulieu happens the Charolais fair, where lots of livestock farmer make compete their most beautiful animals. In september, after the harvest in summer, we celebrate the blackcurrant fair. Finally, in november, it’s the annual gastronomic rendez-vous in Burgundy with the international and gastronomic fair in Dijon. 600 exhibitors and almost 200 000 visitors are coming to see culinary demonstrations, cuisine contests and other tastings to make your tast bud enjoy! In Burdundy, the party is in the plate!

Tasting walk in Burgundy

Burdundy is well reputated in the world for its prestigious wines but Burgundy is also reputated for its gastronomy and its numerous local products. Poultry of Bresse, Game, Charolais Beef, Trouts, Pike, Truffle, morel and other chanterelles, without forgetting snails, gingerbread, blackcurrant, aniseed sweet from Flavigny and, of course, mustard. Depending on the season, it’s possible to find all these exceptional products at the table of the restaurant La Closerie, restaurant of the Hôtel Philippe Le Bon. You will not regret your tasting walk in Burgundy!

Unavoidable culinary specialties

The burgundy cuisine is rich and tasty. Chefs from great tables of Burgundy are frequently using cream, cheese, mushrooms and ham in their culinary creations. Among those specialties, Burgundy beef is of course present in the menu of all restaurants in the Burgundy region, every restaurants competing for creativity and ingenuity to bring their own touch at one of the most favourite dish of French people. More than this famous dish, specialties like gingerbread, snails of Burgundy, truffle of Burgundy, Ham sprinkled with chopped parsley, hotpot, eggs in red wine sauce, rooster in red wine sauce and other kirs. During the whole year, you can find all those specialties in the menu of the Restaurant gastronomic La Closerie in the Hotel Philippe Le Bon in Dijon.